Hi, I'm Aaron Tallman!

In my classroom, my goal is not to simply teach my students about art and design, but rather, to train and prepare the next generation of creative professionals. Each and every day, I choose to share my knowledge and my experiences with my students. I choose to treat each student as a working professional and guide each student through the many projects, challenges, and expectations they would be faced with in the industry. Allowing opportunities to practice and improve various industry-related hard skills, while carefully disguising other soft skills within, grants students the abilities and the confidence they need to realize they can achieve their goals.​​​​​​​ There is no greater joy in teaching than watching the confidence radiate from a student with a smile on their face when they finally understand a difficult concept or effectively complete the challenging task at hand. As an educator in a creative field, I only hope to serve as the spark to a burning passion of lifelong learning within the student.